Today I attended Lunch 2.0 at RockYou. I got there pretty late, which was great because I had an ulterior motive. What was my ulterior motive? Well, it was seeing if they had leftovers at the ending of Lunch 2.0 and asking if they would be willing to donate the food to the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

My plan worked out perfectly! I was able to meet and chat with some great people and eat some yummy pizza. Then, Terry introduced me to Sandy, who organized the event and works for RockYou. Sandy was generous enough to offer 3 large boxes of pizza, from Mr. Pizza Man, to donate. I took the pizza to the St. Vincent de Paul Society and got a donation receipt. I’ll be mailing the donation receipt back to RockYou this evening. 🙂


I’ve been in touch with Nicole at ThisNext and Donna at OPCC this week to find out how Lunch 2.0 and Giving 2.0 went last Friday.  I hear it went very well. 🙂

Nicole said that they had a bunch of food left over from Versailles. She was able to donate 5 large metal trays of Cuban food to OPCC.  Yum!

Donna said that they were very happy to receive the food at the shelter and thanked ThisNext and Giving 2.0 for making the donation.

Also, Andrew Warner has posted a great article about How Lunch 2.0 came to Southern California and some nice photos to accompany it.

Thank you ThisNext!

If you’re in the Santa Monica area this Friday, check out Lunch 2.0 at ThisNext.  I had a chance to talk with the PR Director at ThisNext, Nicole Jordan.  We had a good chat about leftover Lunch 2.0 food and she was generous enough to offer the leftovers to be donated to a nearby charity.  So, I found a local charity called the OPCC.   OPCC stands for Ocean Park Community Center.  They empower people to rebuild their lives.  I called them to make sure they accept donations of food, and of course they do.  They were so happy to hear that the leftovers from Lunch 2.0 might be donated next Friday.   I can’t wait to hear how it goes. 🙂

Today we were able to donate a van full of food to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Yay!

It all started when I dragged Terry Chay, kicking and screaming, to BarCampBlock last weekend. We had a fun time there and while walking over to The Blue Chalk Cafe for BarCampBlock’s party Terry mentioned Lunch 2.0 was going to be at Spock on Wednesday, today. Spock is in Redwood City, so I decided that wasn’t too far for me to drive for a chance to go to Lunch 2.0. So, I said I would go.

Then wheels started turning in my head and I got this bright idea. I started wondering if there would be leftover food after Lunch 2.0, and if there was, I was thinking we should donate that food to a local food kitchen. So, I asked Terry if there is usually leftover food after a Lunch 2.0. He said that sometimes there is. So, I offered my suggestion of donating that food.  I thought it was brilliant because food wouldn’t be wasted and the people in the community who need it most can get it.

So, today I went to Lunch 2.0 at Spock. I talked with a bunch of really nice people. Toward the end of lunch, Terry mentioned that there was quite a lot of salad leftover and a few boxes of pizza. He then suggested that we donate the food and introduced the CEO of Spock, Jaideep Singh, to me. Of course, I had no idea where we were going to donate the food. So, one of the other Lunch 2.0ers, Peter Robinett, suggested that we take it to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. It was an excellent suggestion. So, we loaded up a lot of boxes of food in Peter’s van. Here’s the proof…

Giving 2.0

Giving 2.0

(Those boxes in the back seat are boxes of salad. There were a lot of boxes.)

Giving 2.0

(Four gigantic boxes of pizza were sitting in the front seat.)

And we took the food to St. Vincent de Paul and got a donation receipt for Spock.

Tax deductible food that gets eaten by people who need it the most in the community! What can be better. Thank you Spock and Lunch 2.0.

A few weeks ago, I met with Erica Rios from the Anita Borg Institute. We talked about things that we can do to grow Giving 2.0. She was a great person to meet with and gave me some excellent ideas about what we can do in the long run.

I also just received some information from her regarding TechSoup. TechSoup is looking for people to answer technical questions nonprofits post to their forums. To this end, they created TechSoup – Donate Your Brain.

It is a pretty light weight way to give back.

Thank you Erica!

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