Last night I went to a LinkedIn Q&A Event called Real Guy Kawasaki interviews Fake Steve Jobs at the Computer History Museum.  It was a hilarious event!   Thanks to Terry Chay, I even got the chance to meet Fake Steve Jobs, a.k.a Dan Lyons, after the event.  He’s a very nice guy and likes the idea of Giving 2.0. 🙂

This event was sponsored by LinkedIn and, of course, there was food. LinkedIn bought many pizzas, soda, and water for the event and there was a lot leftover.  I bet you can tell where I’m going with this already.  So, after the event Mark Jen, Rose Kwok, Terry Chay, Kay Luo, and Mario Sundar helped me load up my vehicle with all of the drinks that were leftover. And this morning I took them to the Goodwill in South San Jose.

I was happy to have had the chance to meet some new people and help donate the leftovers. Thank you LinkedIn! 🙂